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If you are an employee and get injured at the workplace, your employer is required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance.

This means that medical costs incurred for treating your work-related injury must be paid for by your employer.

You may also be entitled to receive benefit payments from your employer if you are recovering from your injury and/or unable to work.   Our office will walk you through the different stages in the workers’ compensation process and work in ensuring you receive the full benefits you may be entitled to under the law.


To lose a loved one unexpectedly is a devastating experience and the pain of loss is often compounded by financial stresses.

Our office can assist in easing some of the financial burdens you may be facing, while you find the necessary time to recover mentally and emotionally.

If your loved one has suffered a fatality during the course of employment, you may be entitled to receive loss benefits from the employer.   Compensation can be in the form of financial assistance in funeral expenses, and in recovery for future earnings a loved one would have provided to family dependents.

If you have lost a love one, contact the Law Office of Bobby and schedule a free consultation to see if your family qualifies for financial assistance.

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