Hello Bobby, Thank you again and again for all help you've done for my family on that case. We still waiting for your call to have you for dinner! Here is my feedback (please feel free to correct some text, my English is not so good). I was referred to Bobby Lau by Bar Association. Just after the first initial meeting with him and a couple of follow ups on my cases, I felt that I could trust him with the help on my case. I wasn't looking for some attorney to just represent me, but an attorney who understood the issue at hand, could truly listen to me and help me. The resistance of the respondent side turned out my simple restraining order into a nightmare 10 months case with deposition and 4 hour court hearing. But we won the case. Bobby Lau showed himself as professional, determined, willing to help, caring for the client attorney. His communication skills, and his ability and willingness to answer my questions and educated me on the law, made the whole process less stressful for me and my family. Iven for the payment side, I have to say that Bobby Lau made all possible to create the most comfortable schedule of payments for me, that would probably never get with other attorney. Decency, professionalism and willingness to help are his key qualities. Thank you!


To whom it may concern, I had the pleasure of enlisting the services of Bobby Lau, and I recommend him without reservation. Bobby was professional in all aspects of his performance, prompt and communicative through every step of the process, and had a positive attitude that made him a pleasure to work with. I was impressed by his knowledge as well as his prior experience, which manifested itself in his confidence when dealing with the challenges I presented to him. He delivered on exactly what he promised, and his rates were more than fair considering he went above and beyond the scope of his initial duties yet did not "nickel and dime" me for additional fees. Should I require any services in the future, I will not look anywhere else as he is the best I have ever found. Best regards!

Arash A.

When we were caught deeply in a family dispute that led to subsequent litigation, Bobby and his team stepped up and provided us with highly effective legal advice and representation. With the upmost patience and clarity, Bobby discussed the case with us in detail. He explained at length the court process and litigation strategy. In the end, his persistence and spare-no-efforts attitude led to our winning the dismissal of the lawsuit. My family and I are very grateful to Bobby for his professionalism and helpfulness.


"When I came to Bobby a year ago, I was facing two serious charges. This was a desperate situation. After working as an H1 for 10 years, I could not afford to jeopardize my green card application. Bobby is straightforward and knowledgeable. He answered my questions, not only within the scope of the criminal case, but also regarding the immigration issues about which I cared deeply about. At all stages in my case, he provided excellent advice concerning scenarios and possible outcomes, and he gave me the guidance to help strengthen our defense. Now looking back, his judgment and advice have proven correct. Though the case dragged on, Bobby showed his tenacity and did not give up on any chance to attain the best for me. And eventually, the perseverance paid off, and the strategy worked out. My family has been with me for many court appearances, and we all noticed that Bobby's court presentation was eloquent, convincing, and effective. Bobby knows when to put in more effort to achieve the maximum efficiency. Bobby is extremely responsive to phone calls and emails, and never neglects anything that he promises. We, my family and I, are delighted that Bobby handled my case, and I got the best result I can think of. Thank you, Bobby!"