Protect Your Rights in a Domestic Violence Case

Protect Your Rights in a Domestic Violence Case

Work with a domestic violence attorney in San Jose, CA

The consequences of a domestic violence accusation can be quick and severe. You might be thrown out of your own house pending a restraining order, and your entire life will be turned upside down in a matter of days. Make sure you hire an experienced domestic violence attorney to help you through this difficult situation.

The Law Office Of Babach 'Bobby' Lau accepts domestic violence cases in San Jose, CA and surrounding areas. Mr. Lau will fight for your rights throughout the defense process and will work with you to build a strong case.

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How a domestic violence attorney can help

The court system takes domestic violence charges very seriously. A domestic violence attorney will advocate on your behalf and help you get through this intense situation. Work with Mr. Lau because he will work to help you...

  • Protect your parental rights and maintain custody of your children
  • Lift protective orders preventing you from seeing loved ones or visiting your home
  • Gather evidence and develop a strong argument for your defense

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